Discover it® Secured Credit Card Helps Consumers Build or Rebuild Their Credit with Responsible Use

Credit Building Card Comes with the Same Rewards and Benefits as the Discover it® Card, with No Annual Fee

Press Release

Jan 25, 2016

RIVERWOODS, Ill.–Discover today announced the launch of its Discover it® Secured Credit Card for consumers looking to build or rebuild their credit. The card comes with the same rewards and benefits as the Discover it® Card, including Cashback Bonus® rewards and FICO® Credit Scores for free on monthly statements and online1, all with no annual fee2.

“Some secured cards in the marketplace are watered-down versions of other card products that have annual fees and don’t offer any rewards”

The Discover it Secured Credit Card requires applicants to provide a security deposit, which Discover holds as collateral. After one year as a cardmember, Discover will begin to review Secured Credit Card accounts each month to see if cardmembers can transition to an account that does not require a security deposit. These reviews are based on responsible credit management across all of the consumers’ credit cards and loans.

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